Compare Sony Cameras with Canon or Nikon for desired segment of picture perfection


The electronic gadgets have an important place in everybody’s household. They have made the life of the person very easy with their functionalities and features. The Digital cameras are also a part of the luxurious electronic gadgets. When a person wants to buy the digital cameras he should have various options in mind so that he can choose the best one. The cameras should be compared with their pixel ratings, zoom, lens diameter and other features. There are various brands available in the market. Few of the famous ones are Sony, Nikon and Canon. Sony has been the pioneer in the electronics gadget industry. They manufacture television, home theaters, laptops, digital cameras and many other consumer electronics. The Sony cameras are made of excellent quality and have very high resolution features with an active lens. The professional photographers accept the fact that the digital cameras are really awesome. The advanced camera produced by Sony reduces the shooting time of the picture and is really fast. It is has an auto focus feature. This feature enable the photographers to shoot the picture anywhere with various levels of brightness. The person can take clear photographs even in the dark. We can compare Sony camera with Nikon and Canon. Every camera has its own unique distinguished feature. The Canon cameras are considered to be highly affordable cameras. The costs of these cameras are around US$200. These cameras are bought by the causal photographers. The Canon camera is light in weight and has simple features due which they can be used occasionally. The lower end models are EOS 450D, EOS 3500. They also produce medium range cameras. These cameras are designed for the professional’s photographers who make a living with the camera. Some of the models in the medium range are D35, EOS 45. There are ranges of cameras which are used by the higher end professionals in the photography field. They come along with lots of accessories and have more weight. They have both automated and manual controls. They are used for high quality photo shoots. When we compare canon cameras with Sony cameras the canon is less expensive and affordable. Nikon cameras are the world famous cameras known for years. These cameras come in various ranges. For the beginner it offers an intermediate camera called the Coolpix L120. The camera is very affordable and costs around US$300. It is sleek camera with excellent professional looks. The optical zoom of the camera helps to capture the finest details of the photograph. Those who are expert photographer Nikon has special cameras for them. The Nikon D7000 is a camera which is used by the professionals. It is a 16.2 mega pixel camera and can snap 6 frames in a second. The camera gives very high quality photographs. The lens changing feature of the camera is very simple and can be conducted with a twist. When we compare Nikon camera they are more elegant at high ranges and are crafted for dedicated usages.All these three premium segments are professional and fine functioning with their unique advantages. While Sony is the market leader for consumer segment cameras, Nikon is best choice for a professional photographer. Canon also has certain dynamic features within an affordable budget to suit every need of a normal consumer.Source: Free Articles from

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