Comparing the Different Types of Phones

Cell phones these days are becoming more and more complex,
but they still break down into two basic categories: Conventional Cell Phones
and the Smartphone. The benefits of different types of cell phones are varied
and depend on your personal and professional needs.

The Conventional Cell Phone may include such features as a flip-top, a
slide-to-open feature, and sometimes, a full QWERTY keyboard. Most are compact
and feature a basic keypad. These types of phones are quickly becoming the most
economical choice for those whose sole purpose in buying a cell phone is making
phone calls. Many of these standard phones are equipped with cameras (generally
1 megapixel) and some basic Bluetooth capabilities. This is a good choice if
all you are wanting is a phone.

The Smartphone is quickly becoming the one-stop-shop for the today’s on-the-go
individual. Smartphones are generally equipped with internet capabilities, a
QWERTY keyboard, GPS trackers, 3 megapixel cameras with zoom options, mp3 and
media players that allow you to watch video and listen to music, personal
calendars, organizers, and programs capable of handling complex office
documents. Often, these phones feature touch screens, Wi-Fi capabilities, and
voice command. These phones are optimal for someone who works from home or does
not work at a desk all day, as it is easy to sync all of your work documents
and keep them close at hand.

Some phones may have features of both types of phones, and with such an array
of possibilities availableScience Articles, it is possible to find a phone that will fit your

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