Electronic Components Industry Begins Rebounding


However, the earthquakes in Japan, Floods in Thailand and Debt Crisis in Europe have impacted heavily on the developing electronic components industry. Thus, the perspective for the electronic components industry is not so optimistic although it keeps stable development. For the recent news that the stock price is falling, the industry insiders remains wait-and-see attitude but inevitably worry at the same time.Some gotta win and some gotta lose. Although the whole electronic components industry is in the downturn, some are in the good situation. The industry utterly fell to the bottom not long ago. Many insiders analyzes the whole industry downturn has hit bottom and looks to rebound soon.The domestic electronic component industry currently benefits from the production base of downstream electronic products as well as the rapid development of global capacity transfer. It is therefore, the total output value speeds up faster than the global average level. In China, electronic components are mainly applied to the areas like PC, Mobile, consumer electronic, while small part is applied to industry, communication device and automotive electronics and so on. Generally speaking, the market demand has much room for growth and it is helpful to boost the development of Chinese electronic components industry.In the electronic industry, the fields like Smartphone and Tablet PC etc. develop most rapidly. It is estimated that these products will be in the high speed development in 2012. Meanwhile, the products’ development will drive the market of which components are exclusive used by them to grow, in particular, Touch-screen, HDI circuit board, flexibility circuit board and MEMS sensors and so on. At the same time, according to the “twelfth five-year” plan, China will concentrate on promoting the combination between informatization and industrialization; strengthening the application of informatization in different areas. The industrial demand of each area will also bring infinite room for the electronic components industry to develop.Article comes from http://www.hqew.net/events/news-article/2020.html

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Article comes from http://www.hqew.net/events/news-article/2020.html

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