Future of Work Dell Technologies FIRST in Texas Talks

Future of Work Dell Technologies FIRST in Texas Talks

What does the future of work look like? What are some of the career options FIRST in Texas alumni will have available to them? What about AI & robots? Be sure to register and hear directly from the experts about how FIRST program participants can best prepare for the 21st Century workforce.

5:27 What are the current jobs that no longer exist or have been outsourced to machines based on the advancements in technology?

6:41 Will the robots and machine take away all of our jobs?

11:03 What will be the jobs in the next 10 years?

17:11 Artificial Intelligence (AI), algorithms, and efficiency

23:27 Working together: the potential human + AI job opportunities

30:04 AI Fluency what it is and why it is important

31:40 Top Skills needed in 2030

34:58 How will new jobs change the way schools teach education?

36:22 How will I learn new technology?

38:46 Will the road to the future be a humane one?

JANINE WEGNER is part of Dell Technologies thought leadership team and leads the content, publication and activation strategy and execution where she oversees the creation and distribution of novel stories and research around emerging technologies and their impact on our lives over the next decade.

Janine joined Dell in 2011 and has taken on multiple roles on local, regional and global/corporate level in brand, content and digital & social marketing as well as head of entrepreneurship strategy and partnerships.

FRANCISCO GARCIA is part of Dell Digital and leads the AI Center of Excellence, focused on growing the adoption of AI & ML driven processes by enabling business units to identify, develop and deploy models that improve their customer experience and optimize their business performance.

Francisco joined Dell IT in 2010 and has taken on roles in Product Management and Leadership across Dell’s sales application and commerce experiences: Dell.com, Electronics & Accessories Online, B2B Online, Business Intelligence for Enterprise Commerce, Digital Transformation.
FIRST in Texas Talks is hosted by Susan Ashmore, Development Director for FIRST in Texas. More information on past sessions can be found at https://www.firstinexas.org/talks

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