German HOME CONTENTS Insurance Explained // Household Insurance

German HOME CONTENTS Insurance Explained // Household Insurance

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German home contents insurance covers the monetary cost of replacing or repairing your household belongings when damaged by a covered incident. This includes damages caused by vandalism, storms (e.g. wind, hail, lightning), water, and fire and smoke. Home contents insurance in Germany also usually covers robberies and theft.

Household items that are normally insured include home electronics (e.g. TV, coffee machine, refrigerator), clothing, furniture, carpets, and jewelry.

Home contents insurance usually does not cover damages that would be covered under homeowners insurance, such as damages to ceilings, walls or flooring. Contents insurance is mainly for items damaged within your home. In some situations, however, there is coverage for items outside your home. For example, if someone steals one of your personal belongings from your hotel room, home contents insurance would help you pay for a replacement.

Home contents insurance is not very expensive. You can usually purchase a plan for under 50€ per year. How much you pay for home contents insurance varies depending on the property you’re insuring (e.g. apartment, condo, house). It also depends on where your property is located. Some plans offer additional coverage you can purchase for your belongings, such as bikes.

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