How Does It Deal with Extreme Criticisms?

Dealextreme is a China based online shop that has been selling cheap electronics and other household items since 2006. Running an online shop is never easy. It is a huge task to meet all the requirements and demands of the customers from all over the world. As for DealExtreme, there are both positive and negative remarks and reviews from the customers around the globe. Some are satisfied with the service of the company and some are extremely displeased. The idea of running an open forum, however, is accepted by all as it works as a common platform for buyers and sellers to share their views, grievances, confessions, clarifications and arguments openly in front of the whole world. But do the forum postings of DealExtreme show the much needed sportsman spirit? Or, do they work as means to defend their own loopholes? Let’s go for an in-depth analysis on the issue.

There are several grievances on the shipping delays and miss in deliveries from the customers in the DealExtreme Forum. The good thing is all the queries have been answered by the authority. Although no explanation is enough for mismanagement of things which cause enough hazards and losses for the customers, yet some of the answers from the part of the company are quite sensible and that can soothe the victims at least with the thought that there is someone who is careful about their complains. In quite a few cases they accepted their faults and provided assurance to take necessary steps to compensate. That no doubt is good spirit but in most of the cases the last outcome remains unknown to the readers in case of such assurance from the company. However, it can be assumed that steps are taken for sure; otherwise customers would have come back with negative remarks in the forum.

Some complaints regarding slow delivery and slow refund process have been replied rudely. That actually creates a negative impression on the forum as well as on the company. Whenever a customer places an order for any item from the store and makes advance payments for that, it means that he or she is showing trust to the company. Then it obviously becomes the responsibility of the company to honor his/her trust and revert back with proper service. In case that they fail to do so, (which is natural at times), they should genuinely clarify and apologize for that.  The forum is a place for that and the company should maintain that decency. Otherwise, skeptical shoppers will start avoiding the store for online shopping in near future.

However, except for few instances, the DealExtreme authority handles customer feed backs sportingly. The best part is that most of the replies are polite and reasonable. As for the product forum, where queries and grievances regarding products are discussed or resolved, it is quite a useful platform for both buyers and sellers. Here queries of customers have been resolved with great competence. MoreoverFeature Articles, replies do come fast on the DealExtreme Forum posting which is another positive sign for it.

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