JFWW Consumer Reviews Show Guyana Season 1 Episode 3 (Mabe Refrigerator – Courts Guyana)

JFWW Consumer Reviews Show Guyana Season 1 Episode 3 (Mabe Refrigerator – Courts Guyana)

Hi and Welcome Back to all our viewers and JFWW Network Members in Guyana and abroad around the globe. Today’s episode is focused on the “MABE” (Pronounced Ma-bae’) that we purchased from Courts in Guyana. We are also testing the payment rates and interest fees that which are attached to the products that the average Guyanese Household would have to use if they were to shop at Courts Guyana.

Pros and Cons to using Courts for a Refrigerator Purchase

Pros: Great Customers Service and Product Knowledge by Staff Reps
Delivery Services
Good Payment Terms
Good Warranty Policy
Great Customer Satisfaction Policy

Cons:Rough Handling Practices of Materials when Delivered
Not always brand New Items
No Policy for wasting Customers Time
Some Items Come Damaged

When we first received the MABE Refrigerator there were some issues with the Product.

The Product did not work as advertised. We also had Late Delivery of the item. The Next morning we made our issues know to the original Representative at courts Guyana, Shaqueen from the Diamond Branch on the East Bank of Demerara, Guyana.
She notified her Manager Sharon and together they were able to easily fix the problem and maintain an Excellent balance of Customer Satisfaction.

We received our New replacement within a few hours and when tested overnight it Works Great as you would see in our video.

You can view each step as a walk through in this episode.
Overall for the MABE Brand Refrigerator: 9/10
Great Job Courts Guyana

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