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 As automotive electronics increasingly competitive, many dealers follow suit trend. In order to survive in the competition, they only choose the brand, rather than understanding the brand. For them, as long as the product is high-end brand image better you can. I sigh, so blindly just to choose the brand, and not understand the product, is not is not responsible for the majority of consumers a

    Europe and China, Jiangsu Province, a navigation agent: Europe and China brand image

    Europe and China, because good brand image, the price is also part of the reason. Outlets mode in Europe and China have heard of, but considering joining the problems premature, not yet understood.

Record collar entertainment products as car navigation, and automotive safety electronics new Skyworth Automobile Electronics also released at the show – 360 ° panorama parking systems, attracted many people of all ages, has been highly praised in the industry that is bound to led to the seismic industry. The 360 ° panorama parking systems show a true video player mode, enable visitors to be more intuitive experience the convenience brought by the 360 ° panorama parking systems.

According to reports, the 360 ° panoramic view of the parking system works is installed in the front, left, and right directions, wide-angle camera distortion correction, virtual bird’s eye view of the transformation, and image stitching technology, four different stitching direction of the camera into a complete picture of the situation surrounding the vehicle visually displayed on the screen, drivers can see through the display of the blind spot in the car around, and to improve the security and stability of the car parking, to achieve the body 360 degrees around the blind spot parking assist.

Video clips we can see that reversing the picture presented in the Navigator screen, the left side of the screen you can see a bird’s eye view of the body as a whole, real-time understanding of the body surrounding circumstances, completely wipe out the reversing blind spot, while the camera screen right half by the car is displayed.

It is worth noting that the current market, only a very small number of luxury models such as the BMW, equipped with this advanced parking system, Skyworth 360 ° panoramic view of the parking system is a modest cost, it will most cars the main enjoy configuration of luxury cars; professional, simple installation, without any alteration of the body device, to ensure that the original car lines from damage.

It is understood that the 360 ° panoramic view parking system is able to adapt to various types of models can be quickly installed on volume, to help owners of vision six control of the Octagon,Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality. to bid farewell to the inverted pile rookie era.

Introduction of new products, like a heavy bomb, it awakens the entire automotive industry, because companies can only constant innovation and dedication recognized by the marketFeature Articles, which has been Skyworth Automobile Electronics is taking and has been the way to go ……..

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