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Hooray! You’ve found this article. You’re probably a consumer electronics retailer or perhaps someone Googling for a special someone’s gift such as MP3 or MP4 players, car DVD and portable DVD players or digital cameras available at awesome wholesale prices from China. Well, you’ve landed on the best page that points you to where you could find what you’re looking for: China – the world’s largest factory and wholesaler of just about anything.

Wholesale Electronics Direct from China

China is now the world’s largest factory, manufacturing thousands upon thousands of electronics products under favorable economic conditions such as low human resources cost, low cost of living, low cost of energy and a lighter corporate tax burden. Every production outfit in China can employ cheap labor, but still produce superb quality products. That’s why, electronics from China are being sold at outrageously cheap wholesale prices, giving you an advantage for huge profit margins.

Great deals and services

Most Chinese suppliers promise you:

No hidden sales taxes or other charges

You pay for what you see on your computer screen when you check out plus shipping charge.

That’s it and nothing else. Secure payments

Pay through PayPal, wire transfer and other convenient payment methods.

Fast Delivery

It doesn’t take too long for your wholesale goods to reach you. Shipping direct from China normally takes only 5-to-10 days, especially to major destinations.


All China wholesale products come with a minimum one-year warranty. Most manufacturers, howeverFree Articles, offer longer periods of warranty.

Competitive Prices with no Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

Chinese wholesale suppliers offer competitive wholesale prices on all the products which you can find here. Prices start at single-unit prices (which are still cheap). Larger quantities are priced even lower per piece. Sign up today for a 30-page e-course on “How to Import from China”.

Great products!

Why should you consider wholesale electronics for e-business? These days it’s really hard to do away with consumer electronics. MP3 players and cellphones are becoming increasingly popular that it has become two of the most carried around items and in early 2006 consumer electronics is one of the fastest growing product categories. You simply can’t go wrong with it.Check out these great wholesale electronics from China resources:

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