Sony A80J OLED Review | Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

Sony A80J OLED Review | Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

Sony A80J OLED Review | Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

The Sony A80J is part of Sony’s new OLED line up and it’s spectacular! It has more than enough to offer to the viewer but more importantly, it’s going to get better in the future! The A80J comes in 3 different sizes, a 55, 65 and a 77 inch model and the overall build of the TV itself feels pretty great. It is a little thicker than the A90J and the materials used, create a very premium feel. It should look great when mounted or on it’s feet!

The legs on the A80J come with 3 different positions. There is the raised option for the implementation of a soundbar, a lowered narrow stance, and lowered wide stance. This little feature is great because you can choose how you set your TV up depending on your entertainment environment!

With a near infinite contrast ratio the A80J ranks among the best contrast ratio along with many OLED TVs. In addition to the Contrast Ratio, we have to look at the A80J’s Color gamut. With full coverage within the DCI P3 color space, and with a wide coverage in the Rec. 2020 HDR content will look stunning.

The A80J comes with a Native Refresh Rate of 120Hz and with an almost instantaneous response time like many other OLED TVs the TV handles motion with ease. With additional Black frame insertion option the you can also calibrate it to deal with motion blur a little better if need be.

In terms of the supported resolution it supports 4K and 1080 at120 and 60Hz with low input lag so this should not be a problem if you are choosing to game on this TV. As for the inputs we have 4 HDMI inputs and HDMI input 3 and 4 support HDMI 2.1, now ideally it would be good to have HDMI 2.1 compatibility with all 4 of these inputs but not totally necessary and 2 should be more than enough for most common households again this is just something to keep in mind.

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