Video Games Live 2016 Zurich Switzerland @ Theater 11 – 21.03.2016 [1080p50] [HQ]

Video Games Live 2016 Zurich Switzerland @ Theater 11 – 21.03.2016 [1080p50] [HQ]

Video Games Live performed for the first time in Zurich Switzerland.
With the permission from Tommy during the show, I’m happy to share this high quality video with you.
02:22 Introduction Thommy
02:58 Donkey Kong Country
06:23 Command and Conquer Red Alert
07:16 Tetris Introduction
07:41 Tetris
11:10 The Legend of Zelda Introduction
14:55 The Legend of Zelda
21:04 World of Warcraft Introduction
22:08 World of Warcraft
28:16 Overwatch
34:26 10 worst video games lines
36:34 Ico
40:25 Skyrim
44:31 worst game title of all time (cutted out some audio due copyright issues)
45:54 Super Mario Bros.
53:03 Final Fantasy VII
01:00:32 Chrono Trigger – Chrono Cross
01:09:18 Portal – Still alive

You can download the video in full quality on my webpage



  1. Patrick on May 16, 2020 at 4:08 pm

    bin ersti reihe gsi, mega geils konzi gsi. messi förs video 🙂

  2. jpotion on May 16, 2020 at 4:31 pm

    Wow dini siicht isch jo bombastisch gsi O.O ich bi am gliiche konzert gsi und ha au gfilmet (allerdings nid so lang), ha gfunde min "usblick" isch ganz ok gsi, aber im gegesatz zu dem do ischs scho chli truurig…

    ufjedefall echt geil dis video!

    btw: wa het dir am beste gfalle?

  3. Viper Romani on May 16, 2020 at 4:58 pm

    C&C red alerts hell march sounded horrible. must be EA’s crap version of it… so many things I can say but won’t cause EA is just like this generation… and there’s a lot that can be said on that.

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