What About The Taxes On My Wholesale Consumer Electronics From China?

That’s the question, isn’t it? We all don’t want to end up being chased by the guv’ment because we didn’t pay our dues, right? We have to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.

Anyway, for those of you who are now looking at buying wholesale electronics from China, here’s great news: For now, most China-based wholesale consumer electronics supplier aren’t charging any VAT, other taxes or any other hidden charges at all. Zero. Nada. So, what do they charge you? Just pay them what you see on your computer screens when you checked your items out which, of course, includes shipping charges which are very minimal (and at least say “Thank you” in your heart for their wonderful service).

But hold your horses! Your supplier doesn’t charge you any taxes, yes, but depending on your country’s tax regulations you might pay up for some custom duties. Yup, that’s one of life’s hard facts. But, hey, don’t lose sleep! Do these quick and easy but very necessary steps to learn how to deal with tax matters when importing to save you time and money:

Remember, your suppliers are from foreign lands. They won’t know how to deal with your tax situations until you fill them in on what’s up with your country’s tax regulations.

So go check out your supplier’s wholesale consumer electronics offerings, compute the costs and do your homework now and get started with the lucrative business of selling Chinese wholesale consumer electronics.

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