Your Cool Phone is Not So Cool Without the Right Cell Plan


If you are in the market for a new cell phone you are giddy over all of the cool new phones that are out there. Whether it be that great new texting phone with the full keyboard, a sleek new Blackberry or the “everybody-has-one” iPhone; you are getting excited about this purchase.One of my least favorite sayings is “choose function over form.” My least favorite not because I don’t agree with it, but because it doesn’t quite exude “fun.” However, with regards to buying your new phone, I am actually going to give you that same bit of advice. But no worries, you will still end up with a great phone.Start with the CoverageCoverage is by far the most important criteria for your new phone. You must make sure you phone will work for you in all of the places in which you spend your time, including: home, work, school, shopping, etc. It is also important to have working phone en route to and from these places. The coolness factor of even the coolest phone will fade quickly if you can’t use it.The PlanOnce you have narrowed down your wireless carrier based on coverage, the next selection to make is the cell plan. In most cases, any non-smartphone on a provider’s network will have the same plan choices with regards to minutes, family plans, texting, etc. The more difficult decision might be whether to go with a smartphone: Blackberry, iPhone, Android phones, etc. The plans on these phones will cost you significantly more each month. Finally, The PhoneSo, you have found a wireless provider with the best coverage available and you have chosen a cell plan. Now, it is time to take a look at the phones available with that carrier and that plan. No doubt, your list of potential phones is significantly smaller than when you started. Hopefully your dream phone made the cut. If not, look on the bright side. Any phone you get from this list will fit your budget and will work when you need it. Any initial disappointment will be temporary and your new phone will turn out to be as reliable as an old friend. Also remember, things change quickly in the wireless world. In a year from now, your dream phone might be available with the provider and plan that has proven to work so well for you.

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