1-Mile Mall! Shopping In Taipei Main Station Underground Mall

1-Mile Mall! Shopping In Taipei Main Station Underground Mall

FPS: Episode 02
This is a long video! In this video I try to set it up as a FPS Games, that’s right…a First Person Shopper!

1-Mile Mall! Shopping In Taipei Main Station Underground Mall

This is a complete walk around Taipei City Mall, an underground mall located under Taipei Main Station. Come along for the adventure and let me know what you think in the comments!

Have you been to this mall? Do you prefer shopping in other places in Taipei?

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Table of Contents
Location and Hours
Getting To The Taipei Underground Mall From Taipei Main Station Terminal
Getting To The Taipei Station Underground Mall From Beimen Station
Taipei City Main Station Underground Mall Connections
A Massive Shopping Area In Taipei
Cheap Shopping in Taipei: Negotiating and Quality Issues
Purchasing A Phone Cable
Buying Apparel
Buying Umbrellas: Cheap Shopping in Taipei!
Taipei Souvenirs: Shopping at Taipei Metro Mall
Buying Everything in This Taipei Shopping District
Anime and Otaku Stuff: Taipei Central Station West Side
Crane Games in Taipei Main Underground Shopping Street
Maid Cafes In This Underground Taipei Shopping Mall
Ice Cream Shops In The Underground Mall Taipei
Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream
Duroyal Ice Cream
Meiji Ice Cream
Restaurants In The Taipei Station Underground Mall
Cafes In Taipei Main Station Mall
Play Video Games For Free in This Underground Mall Taipei
Arcade Games for only $10 NTD
DVD’s, CD’s and VCD’s! Remember them?
Taiwan Massage In Taipei Shopping Places
Taiwan Massage Prices
Taiwan Fortune Tellers: Shopping In Taipei City Mall
Rice Reading
Bird and the cards
Turtle Shell and the 3 Ancient Coins
Math Based Taiwan Fortune Telling
Two Half Moons At Any Temple
Caricature Artist At Taipei Metro Mall
Live Performances At This Taipei
Post Office In Taipei Main Station Underground Mall
Hair Cuts In Taipei


In Taipei Main Station Underground Mall, officially known as Taipei City Mall, you can find 1-mile of Taipei shopping places. Extending from Taipei Main Station to Beimen station at 0.5 miles (850m) so if you take a lap through the mall it’s 1-mile (1700m) of cheap shopping in Taipei.

taipei metro mall
In this Taipei shopping mall, you can find almost anything:

Crane Games
Capsule Toy Machines
Anime: Toys, Figures, Media, Apparel
Massages: Regular massages and knife massages (get chopped!)
Electronics: movies, video games, consoles, drones, phones, accessories
Video game stations: Several places just to stop and play video games for free
Ice Cream Shops
Random things to shop in Taipei: Umbrellas, water bottles, household utensils, fans
Cafes (Regular cafes and maid cafes)
Fortune Telling
Caricature Artists
Live Performances
If you’ve been looking for where to shop in Taipei, this Taipei shopping mall will satisfy your shopping needs! Not only is this one of the good shopping places in Taipei, it’s also the cheapest. Making this one of the places to visit in Taipei for all your shopping desires.

taipei main station underground mall
Visual map of the Taipei Main Station underground mall
Location and Hours
Location: 100, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Section 1, Shimin Boulevard, 100號

Hours: 11AM-9:30PM Daily

Taipei Main Station Underground Mall runs from Taipei Main Station to Beimen Station. It’s accessible from the street level along Zhengzhou Road (26 entrances/exits), Taipei Main Station, Beimen Station and the airport MRT station.

You can access this shopping area in Taipei as early as 8am. The lights aren’t actually on until 9am and most stores open at 11am. Official closing hours are at 9:30pm, but most shops begin to shut down at 8pm.

How do I know this? Because you can find me and a few elderly people walking around this Taipei shopping mall for exercise in the mornings.

If you’re looking to get to Taipei City Mall with a little less chaos, you can enter from the Beimen station side. Just get to the Beimen station and from there follow signs for the Airport MRT. Along the way on your left side, you’ll see several entrances to Taipei City Mall

Getting To The Taipei Underground Mall From Taipei Main Station Terminal
Head underground towards the Taipei High Speed Rail (THSR). Along the way you’ll see a sign for “Taipei City Mall” and follow the signs. It’s about a 5-minute walk from the terminal level.

Don’t be confused by the other malls through.

Getting To The Taipei Station Underground Mall From Beimen Station
The underground mall in Taipei is so big that it spans the length of a subway stop (850 meters). To experience the best of Taiwan shopping, start at Beimen station. It’s less crowded and it will be easier to find the underground mall Taipei.

Taipei Airport MRT sign
Within Beimen station, just follow signs for the airport MRT. After you make your first right turn from the MRT platform, there will be an entrance to “Taipei City Mall” on your left.


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