5 Words of Warning to Police Light Buyers

The rise of online shopping has changed everything from grocery shopping, to electronics buying, and even to purchasing upgrades and supplies for emergency vehicles. With so many online shops, however, it can be hard to be sure of the quality of the supplies you are considering.

Buying online can save departments money, and, therefore, is also considerate of the taxpayers who are supporting emergency services. In addition, it can also make repeat orders much simpler for those in charge of purchasing, smoothing out a process that can cause headaches and needless paperwork. The great news for Police Light buyers is that there are a few red flags that can help you narrow down an online supplier. Watch out for those, and you are sure to find a merchant who can help you.

1. Avoid Sites With Shockingly Low Prices
If it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t. While online prices can be considerably lower than brick-and-mortar buying options, no website can produce quality goods for free. If a price seems suspiciously low, consider researching the site a bit closer to ensure you get what you need.

2. Avoid Sites With No Specifications
If you are searching for a police light, you need one that is bright and can be seen by other drivers on the road. Do not waste your time buying from a website that refuses to list information about the bulbs inside the light bars or the materials the light bar is made of. Any company with confidence in their product will make information readily available, especially considering that many light bars are meant to be mounted on the outside of vehicles. Look closely at specifications, and keep an eye out for the sites selling high quality items.

3. Avoid Sites With No Reviews
A site with happy customers will have some form of review. If a site has no reviews at all on the web, it could be a site that is completely new to the business and untested. While everyday consumers might be willing to take a risk on such a company, emergency services should not. Moving on to a site with some reviews is a much safer option.

4. Avoid Sites With Questionable Payment Options
If a site is not affiliated with major credit card merchants, or if it demands the use of a first-party payment processor, simply steer clear. Any site doing legitimate business should be able to pass approval by mainstream payment processors. Proprietary payment processors can lead to lost information or even unwanted charges. Stick with sites that use well-known processors.

5. Keep an Eye Out For Sites Who Work With The Government
Many merchants already have government clients. Whether on the federal, state, or municipal level, merchants who already have experience working with government entities are likely to make your purchasing experience easier and safer. Additionally, if the merchant’s products have been tested by other emergency services departments and they still have ongoing contracts, it’s likely that their products are up to the task.

Keeping these five warnings in mind, your department should have no problem finding a reputable police light dealer and bringing incredible efficiency to your purchasing process. Good dealers often offer multiple styles of lights built for many vehicle types, and, because of the nature of online shopping, locating the lights you need can become easier and more affordable than ever. Shopping online should not feel risky, and, with the right skill set, it won’t be!

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