7 Cool Camera Gadgets 2019 You Should See

7 Cool Camera Gadgets 2019 You Should See

– 7 Cool Camera Gadgets 2019 Links :-

1- SwitchPod — The minimal, versatile, handheld tripod … https://switchpod.myshopify.com/
SwitchPod works with any camera, from a phone to a DSLR, and simplifies video making. If you’re a vlogger, you’re going to love it.

2- SliderMini: Ultra portable & smooth camera slider … http://www.ismartta.com/slidermini/
Easiest-to-use pocket-size motorized slider. Get awesome footage at fingertips with SliderMini!

3- Power Any Camera & More With The Power Junkie … https://amzn.to/2LE3WI1
A must-have tool for photographers and filmmakers. Charge & power all your devices, gadgets and cameras using this incredible device.

4- The World’s First Titanium Tripod System … http://bit.ly/2HktFQ1
Ultralight. Increased Range of Motion. World’s First Titanium Hollowball.

5- Redcat 51 Pro |Ultra Versatile Telephoto Lens, 250mm f/4.9 … https://williamoptics.com/redcat-51
The world’s sharpest 250mm telephoto lens ever made for full frame cameras, at Apochromatic specification with Strehl Ratio 0.97+.

6- Inuk | the most versatile pocket-size video & photo support … https://inuktech.it/
Super-compact carbon fiber composite support for any camera, any surface… still or in motion.

7- HOOP: The Ring Light that Stabilizes Your Camera
HOOP is a ring light and gimbal combined. It balances your camera and lights your scene, so you can be a part of the action.


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