CBC News: The National | Texas shooting aftermath, N.S. inquiry boycott, Afghan refugees

CBC News: The National | Texas shooting aftermath, N.S. inquiry boycott, Afghan refugees

May 25, 2022 | Grief and outrage in the aftermath of a Texas school shooting that killed 19 children. Victims’ families in the Nova Scotia mass shooting plan to boycott the public inquiry over a ruling on RCMP testimony. Plus, calls for Canada to speed up the resettlement of Afghans.

00:00 The National for May 25, 2022
00:59 Texas school shooting: What we know so far
05:09 Uvalde, Texas grieves after school shooting
08:12 Texas shooting reignites gun control debate
10:49 New Oklahoma law bans most abortions
11:11 Families boycott N.S. shooting public inquiry
13:34 French-language Conservative leadership debate
16:14 Impact of Quebec’s Bill 96 language law
19:48 Russia’s war in Ukraine: Fighting in Donetsk
21:10 Boris Johnson apologizes after ‘partygate’ report
23:57 Sandy Hook mom reacts to Texas school shooting
28:30 The prevalence of AR-15 style rifles
31:26 Afghanistan under the Taliban: Translators in danger
40:04 Virtual learning technology tracked and shared data
42:30 Kate Moss testifies at Depp-Heard trial
43:21 The Moment: Edmonton TARDIS

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