Computer Repair In Tyler – January 2019

Computer Repair In Tyler – January 2019

In light of Data Privacy Awareness day at the end of this month, we want to offer a few tips this month to maintain your privacy in the age of constant hacking of large-scale corporations who may have your information.

1. Go to this website: – type in your email address and see if any of your information may have been compromised.

2. If it suggest that you have, you need to change your passwords immediately. This is usually the biggest issue with reusing passwords, which we do NOT recommend. Change every password to something different – you can easily do this with something like – use long enough passwords that no one will be able to guess.

3. We know that it will be difficult to remember these passwords, but the secret is – you shouldn’t be able to remember any of them. Use an application such as 1Password to store all of your passwords securely.

4. Four. VPNs. Setting them up can be tricky, but they are definitely worth it if you are constantly on the move – so if you work for a company that makes you travel, we highly recommend getting a VPN to protect your data on unprotected networks.

5. There are a lot of different anti-virus applications out there to protect your personal computer. Though most of them are not recommendable, AVAST is decent for individuals while Trend Micro is very good for companies or corporations. There’s nothing that can replace common sense, so be careful where you go on the internet! Don’t open unknown emails or attachments, ever.

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