Future Electronics Engineering Capabilities

Future Electronics Engineering Capabilities

Hi, I’m Todd Baker, Corporate Vice President of Engineering at Future Electronics, and today I’m going to tell you how our Advanced Engineering Group can help your design team choose the right solutions, solve problems efficiently, and get your products to market.


At Future Electronics, our mission is to delight our customers with a seamless online and offline experience that delivers real-time inventory, engineering, and supply chain solutions.

Engineering is a critical part of the value we deliver to our customers, and we continue to invest heavily in engineering resources around the world to serve our customers. [Show Map on Slide 5]

Future’s Advanced Engineering Group is built around a tiered Customer Support Model which ensures that your engineering needs are quickly elevated to the right level of support.
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Our STRATEGIC ACCOUNT MANAGERS are your primary point of contact. They’re always available, either online or by phone, and provide Basic Technical Support to your engineering and purchasing teams. From pricing, samples, or support in AVL expansion, our Strategic Account Managers can provide you with answers quickly. When something is beyond their level of expertise, they’ll ask the right questions and gather all the necessary information to elevate your needs.

Future’s first level of engineering support is delivered by our GENERALIST ADVANCED ENGINEERS. These are MULTI-CERTIFIED FIELD APPLICATION ENGINEERS who provide Primary Field Technical Support. All of all our Generalist Engineers are true technology experts who understand and will address the specific complexities of your design. They offer unbiased systems solutions, and receive hands-on training from all our suppliers about existing and future products.

Because our Advanced Engineers know the pros and cons of the many technology options for your design, they can help your engineers choose correctly the first time, and get your product to market faster. Our ADVANCED GENERALIST ENGINEERS work as an extension of your engineering team to provide local and personalized technical support.

For designs that require advanced technical expertise in a specific technology area, our ADVANCED SPECIALIST ENGINEERS are available to address your deepest design challenges. These ENGINEERS are TECHNOLOGY & PRODUCT SPECIALISTS who are capable of delivering Specialized Field Technical Support for your designs.

Future has dedicated specialists in every technology and product category, including Analog and Power, Wireless Connectivity, Displays, FPGAs, Interconnect, Lighting, Networking, and Sensors. They’re like a SWAT team of technology experts ready to step in and support our generalists, and they’re physically involved with your team at the design level to get you over technical hurdles and accelerate your time to market.

At the highest level, Future’s System Design Centers deliver the most advanced and comprehensive engineering support in the electronics industry today. Future’s System Design Centers allow you to leverage the full depth of our advanced engineering capabilities, all while minimizing risks at every stage of your design and production life cycle. Whatever support we provide, you still retain full ownership over all the IP in your product. With seven locations serving North America, Europe, and Asia, our System Design Centers can provide you with a fully manufacturable product.

Our System Design Centers can address the technical challenges in any of your designs, including Electronics Circuits Design, Board Layout, Application Software and Firmware, RF Circuit and Antenna Design, Technical Training and Design Reviews, and Documentation and Marketing Tools. Our team of engineers will build prototypes of your product, assist in test and certifications, and help to support your design through its entire production life cycle.

Future’s globally integrated engineering capabilities are best-in-class, and we’re dedicated to ensuring that our customers have access to the best engineering support in the industry. We’re committed to providing customers with the best fit from supplier-agnostic solutions, and we continue to invest in engineering programs and resources for our personnel and our customers.

Our engineering resources make Future Electronics far more than a distributor for our customers. We’re an essential value-added partner at every stage of your product life cycle. Contact your account manager and discover how much engineering value we can deliver to your business today.

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