Gps-the pad into a global electronics show stars

The 2012 wave of tablet strength, some navigation vendors involved in the tablet market. Tomine as one of the world’s leading navigation companies, in 2010, proposed the concept of navigation tablet and started research and development. In early February, the editor informed Tomine upcoming systems based on Andrews gps-pad. The public media before the race to release the spy photos of a group of Tomine’s upcoming Andrews 4.0 gps-pad products, not only makes the news has been fully confirmed, but also exposure to the series configuration of the of Tomine gps-pad, and sometimes lead to industry hot meeting.

More from Tomine’s official news again recently confirmed: Tomine to lead the industry focus on building the Andrew system gps-pad is a foregone conclusion, and the product will become Tomine in the current electronic global exhibition-quality products.

Tomine Technology Senior Product Manager responsible for the gps-the pad projects cattle Haotian said: Tomine intervention has two main goals of the Tablet PC, first, to provide users with the best solution to provide users with the best user experience. Insiders analysis the Yuanfeng launched gpas-pad products, both Tomine further continuation of the automotive electronics industry, but also a strong signal of the Tablet PC and consumer electronics industry began to get involved.

Beyond the peak position in the automotive electronics industry, YFinside technology platform strength, coupled with today’s most popular Andrews 4.0, the industry is very optimistic about Tomine gps-pad the prospect.

Tomine pushing the navigation tablet gps-pad, in addition to the most professional, stable and navigation functions, as well as an excellent network entertainment experience. In other words, gpas-pad has a traditional PND accurate, convenient navigation features, also has a Tablet PC all the convenience of entertainment, networking experience. GPS-the PAD, which is equivalent to have a professional and stable GPS plus a superior performance of the Tablet PC.

In fact, the current Global Electronics Show is not far from the peak gps-Pad officially on sale starting point.

As early as the beginning of the year’s CES show, the reporter to see the concept of products in Tomine stand the most prominent position. On the CES show Tomine Consumer Tablet the PAD, the use of the frid technology, support for the frid keyboard and identification, dual camera, WIFI, 1280 * 800 TFT LCD screen, 7 inch screen size, 9.7-inch, 10.1-inch three categories. Android2.3 operating system and optimized after YFinside technology platform the Tomine GPS-PAD, Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality.or will be a highlight of this exhibition. Out support IEEE802.11b/g/n transport protocol WIFI, FM launch, acceleration, external TMC module, USB OTG, Preposed camera, USB full-speed transmission, built-in high capacity memory card, also uses a 5 “/ 7” TFT LCD touch screen. It is understood that this GPS-PAD to support high-definition video codec above 1 GHz. The products have won a lot of attention at CES, also overseas a lot of orders.

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