How lightning damage electronic devices? Why lightning Damage electronics?

How lightning damage electronic devices? Why lightning Damage electronics?

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What is Dielectric Strength?

In this video, I have discussed all the main possible ways of lightning damage to electronics Devices because of their low dielectric strength…(low dielectric strength means small increase in voltage across a material cause spark or breakdown of the material) including direct coupling, inductive coupling and capacitive coupling..most frequently damage occurs due to direct coupling and inductive coupling …in case of capacitive coupling voltage induced is low and can be bypassed using protection devices
.i haven’t considered the protection system connected in power system, distribution system and in our homes..lightning protection is very very much necessary in the areas where probability of lightning strike is high…other than electronic and electrical damage…it can also damage or destroy our residence..can cause fire also…and some times cause death due to step voltage or direct strike on the person!..
.in upcoming videos.. I’ll discuss “How can we protect our devices from damage caused by lightning”

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