How to Calculate Custom Duty in Pakistan | Product Custom Duty

How to Calculate Custom Duty in Pakistan | Product Custom Duty

How to Calculate Custom Duty in Pakistan telling in this video. We always present a very special business video for our viewer. To Get the knowledge about calculate custom duty in Pakistan stay with us at the end of the video. Our priority to serve our Pakistani people business idea relating to any business topic.

Custom duty in Pakistan is a type of tax which is imposed on every import and export product in Pakistan. There are also some countries in the world which are known Tax Free Countries. The Tax Free countries may include Singapore, Switzerland, and Luxemburg. The question is that if these not charge any tax whatever type of business anyone start. So how these countries survive without collect any tax. Other big countries investor like to invest their money in such type of countries which are tax free. Therefore, these tax free countries have highest GDP in the world.
GDP stand for gross domestic product. You can also consider a way to check how much a country have wealth. In 2017 Pakistan’s GDP is 305 billion USD and our neighbor countries India have 2597 GDP. It tell us that how much a country is economically. America have world highest GDP which is 19390 billion USD. Let’s talk about how to calculate custom tax on import and export product in Pakistan. For example we want to export diaper in Europe and want to know how to calculate custom duty which is imposed by government. Than must download Pakistan custom tariff. Pakistan custom tariff update every year. The tax on the product in the list are up and down according to the policy of the government. Current year Pakistan custom tariff download as you show in the video. you should search by writing Pakistan custom tariff 2019 on google search engine.

Than links list will appear infront of you. After click on the link you file will be download and than open the file which consists of 314 pages. Pakistan custom tariff Which product custom tax you want to search it in the list. You can see every product which are import and export are available in the Pakistan custom tariff list which is issued annually in the year. Now we talk about about the tax on the import product is almost 20 percent which is not much. But another taxes also include in the import products like income tax, excise tax, stamp duty, and regular duty. And the tax will come on 74 percent from 20 percent which is too high.

Yes friends, if you want to import a diaper from other country its 100 rupee you will be definitely pay 74 rupee tax in the product. Because when you import form other countries our economy is damage there for goveroment of Pakistan imposed tax on the import product very high. But on the other hand export product duty are not much high if you export form Pakistan to another country you will not pay too many taxes like import next video we will tell you that how to export your product from Pakistan to another country in detail. For watching more business video subscribe our channel, and share our video. I hope you like my information about how calculate custom duty in Pakistan. Soon we will meet you with another great business video. Good Bye.


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