How To Save Money and Get FREE Extended Warranty (Canon G5x G7x and other electronics)

How To Save Money and Get FREE Extended Warranty (Canon G5x G7x and other electronics)

Here’s why it’s okay to say no to the product protection plan (at Bestbuy, Visions, Frys, Walmart, Amazon, etc) for your new canon g5x or g7x camera. And how to get yourself free extended warranty on the majority of your household goods and electronics.

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I picked up a new camera (Canon G5x) the other day and the friendly sales guy asked me if I wanted to pick up an extended warranty. Knowing what I know about extended warranties (i’ve held many sales positions in my day to pay for college), I decline extended warranties. I find it rare when it’s justifiable to spend that extra cash for that coverage. And when you’re not spending that money, you can put that to other things to help you boost your career or invest in other avenues to create that life you want!

That said, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing extra protection. But what if I told you I could show you how to get extended warranty, without having to pay for it? I’ve actually had to use this strategy in the past and it has saved me thousands of dollars!

In this quick video, I talk about:

– How to get extended warranty for free

– What to consider should you decide to take advantage of this

– What documentation you’ll need to keep

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  1. TravelsWithLobo on March 22, 2020 at 9:50 am

    – checked the fine print on my credit card to find what you are talking about – excellent. I will use it on my new camera purchase.

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