Must Have Cell Phone Accessories

many features as there are for cell phones, there are also lots of
accessories that make cell phones more functional and user friendly.
Cell phone accessories have different functions, including to improve
functions, improve appearance and to increase the safety of using
mobile phones, such as when driving.

Todays feature packed cell
phone models range anywhere between $9.99 to over $800. Today the use
of cell phones has become very affordable and so economical and
efficient that many people have replaced home land lines with cell
phones. Cell phone accessories have also become cheap. With the
addition of accessories, the people have been able to use their cell
phones as multipurpose devices to accomplish many functions.

are a number of cell phone accessories available like antennas,
batteries, cases, face-plates, holsters, holders, hands free kits and
some others. It is important to asses your needs and determine exactly
what type of accessories your cell phone requires as well as
compatibility. Though many people feel that cell phone accessories are
only fashion gadgets, the truth is that most of them are beneficial to
the user in one way or the other.

Hands Free Kit

hands-free cell phone accessory is the most important when it comes to
increasing the safety of the user. Many states have adopted hands free
cell phone laws while driving because the numbers of accidents and
injuries that have been related to drive cell phone use. In fact,
California passed a new law this January that states no text messaging
while driving as well.

Hands free kits allow the driver to
use a cell phone completely hand free, including answering, speaking
and dialing. One of the best accessories for this is a Bluetooth
headset, very functional in allowing for complete cell phone use
wirelessly and hands-free.


Another good
accessory is an extra antenna. Antennas help to improve the signal
reception qualities and you will be able to get a cell phone signal
even in the mountains, or cell phone dead zones.

Car Charger

good accessory to have around is a car charger. One of the best
functions of cell phones is to have communication readily available in
case of car trouble, accident or other emergency. The car charger gives
you peace of mind because you will not be caught with a dead phone.

Data Cables

USB data cables are valuable if you want to transfer data from cell phone to computer.

Fun Cell Phone Accessories

Of course there are the face plates, cases, Verizon ringtones,
mobile wallpaper, gamesScience Articles, charms and bling that have certainly become a
phenomenon as so many people have a fascination with personalizing
their cell phones.

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