My Doraemon Toys ULTIMATE Collection

My Doraemon Toys ULTIMATE Collection

This video we opening My Doraemon Toys Ultimate Collection for you guys who love Doraemon, all doraemon toys are as below

— Timestamps —
0:00 My Doraemon Toys ULTIMATE Collection – Intro
0:12 Doraemon Time Machine Stacking Toy
0:36 Doraemon Bite Toy
0:57 Doraemon Camera
1:20 Doraemon Cash Register Toy Playset
1:50 Doraemon Mini Electric Train
2:04 Doraemon Remote Control Helicopter
2:36 Doraemon Piggy Bank
2:54 Doraemon Projector Watch
3:24 Doraemon Bingo Machine
3:47 Doraemon Escalator Toy
4:10 Doraemon Barrel Toy
4:38 Doraemon Musical instruments
4:57 Doraemon Fruit Ice Cream Selling Cart
5:13 Doraemon Drink Vending Machine Toy
5:55 Doraemon Movie Gadget Cat Robot
6:38 Doraemon Piano Toy
6:59 Doraemon Remote Control Robot Toy
7:47 Doraemon Saving Money Piggy Bank
8:42 Doraemon Remote Control Car Toy
9:23 Doraemon Fishing Toys

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