Opportunities for field service technicians

Commenting on the rudimentary nature of electronics during his youth, Ken Olsen, a pioneer in the American computer industry in the 1950’s said, “When I was a teenager in the late 30’s and early 40’s, electronics wasn’t a word. You were interested in radio if you were interested in electronics.” This quote goes a long way to show how far the electronics industry has come since then if you simply look around the room you’re sitting in and observe the many electrical and electronic appliances and equipment that have become necessities in your life.

Technology has evolved in leaps and bounds and the market is strewn with electronic devices to complement your life at home, work, on holiday, at school, in times of illness, etc. The large scale manufacturing of electronic products has led to the growth and development of the service industry which installs, services, maintains and repairs those products. Companies hire field service technicians who go out to location of an electronic product in the case of first-time installations, servicing and repairs.

A future for electronic field service technicians

Increased dependency on electronics implies that the industry will require trained and highly skilled electronic field service technicians who will maintain and service their products once they have been sold. Anyone who has a flair for electronic repairs can easily enrol themselves in a vocational course that teaches electrical and electronics servicing. A sound knowledge of maths and science is also required.

What does a field service technician do?

Tool kits for field service                                                 

A comprehensive electronic tool kit for field service is indispensable to the work of a technician. They are specifically designed for the nature of the work in mind and must be of the highest quality. There are various manufacturers of electronic tool kits whose products are available in electronics stores and online. There are options to purchase customised electronic tool kits as well.

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