The car power adapter can work with a range of devices

In fact, you can even power a computer by making use of a standard 12V car power supply with the help of a car power adapter. In fact, many people have even designed a computer that can be operated as well as run in a car by using a car adapter. Such kind of a computer can do everything that a normal PC can do.

A computer that gets charged through a car power adapter can serve various purposes. Its GPS can be used for navigation as well as route planning. You may use the computer to watch DVDs. You may even listen to MP3 music stored on this computer. The possibilities are endless.  

All cars are fitted with a standard 12V battery. This battery in the car is not the one that is found in your TV remote, or the type that is used in boats or in recreational vehicles. Thus it is important to understand a bit more about the car battery and the car adapter.

Car batteries refer to lead acid batteries that have been optimized in order to serve their particular purpose. In any average car, the battery is required to provide a large surge of current in order to start the engine. Once the car has started, the alternator is able to keep the spark plugs firing. It also provides power for the car radio as well as for the other electrical systems. This way a standard car battery does not use more than 20% of its capacity.

This is what provides the 12V power supply to a computer. The PC requires many different voltages, ranging from 12V to 2V. Thus the requirement is to convert this 12V input into a variety of voltages that are needed in order to power a PC. You can plug the car power adapter into your car cigarette lighter socket. Nearly all cars are fitted with one. This way you can get easy access to the 12V power supply of your car. Now you can connect up the power cables to the computer for it to operate.

You can use the car adapter to power your mobile Broadband Wireless Router too while you are on the road. The car power adapter is small as well as convenient. Usually it is a universal power adapter that is compatible with most carsFind Article, trucks as well as SUVs. With this you are able to create a Wi-Fi hotspot practically anywhere.

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