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Top 5 Hunting Gadgets | weBoost – Click here to learn more about the weBoost Drive Sleek and how you can stay connected on your next hunt.

We teamed up with the Arizona Elk Society and Hunts for Heroes program to bring you a list of the top gadgets for hunters.

In this hunting gadget guide we cover the latest and best hunting gadgets for your next hunt. We cover everything from the hottest tech gadgets to must have hunting essentials.

First we have the latest in navigation tech. The Onx Hunt Map App replaces your traditional map plus adds a ton of new functionality. With offline mode you can use the app without any cell signal. Download the area you need and you’re good to go on or offline. The app also shows you a variety of boundaries os you know if you’re on public land, private land or within game boundaries.

The weBoost Drive Sleek keeps you connected in your truck when out on the hunt. It takes weak cell signal, boosts it and provides you with strong reliable signal. The cradle is designed to fit nearly any phone or device so you’re sure to stay connected wherever you need to go. Use your cell data to download hunting maps, send friends your location or stream music at camp.

The Thermacell MR150 Repeller keeps mosquitos away without sprays or scent. The small device uses heat and a repellant cartridge to create a 15 x 15 foot mosquito free zone. Best of all it produces no scent so game won’t know you’re near. This is perfect for any type of hunting where you’ll be using a blind and great for camp.

Cabela’s Game Taker Pro archery target is the latest in a line of great targets made by Block. This archery target can be used for any type of arrow or crossbow. It features multiple target styles on each side and best of all the arrows pull out easily and without any damage.

Alps Outdoorz Traverse X pack is a lightweight day pack great for any hunter. It comes with a slew of features including two felt lined optics pockets, meat hauler, rain cover, weapon sling and sturdy waist belt.

Outdoor Edge’s new Onyx EDC knife is your perfect companion when you bag your animal. The Onyx EDC is a replaceable scalpel blade knife so it will be razor sharp as long as you need to cut. The blades are extremely easy to change making it much safer than other scalpel blade knives. The blade is also thicker and more durable than most scalpel blade knives so it is ready for tough jobs.

Reel Game Calls has changed the game with their new Elk Reel Hardwood call. This cow call is the best call on the market and produces a beautiful call much easier than traditional plastic calls. It can be used by blowing into it or put directly into your mouth so you can call hand’s free.

Here are some links to all of the gadgets featured in this video:

Onx – Hunt Maps App:

weBoost – Drive Sleek:

Thermacell – MR 150 Repeller:

Cabela’s – Game Taker Pro Target:

Alps Outdoorz – Traverse X Pack:

Outdoor Edge – Onyx EDC Knife:

Reel Game Calls – Elk Reel Hardwood Elk Call:

For more information about the Arizona Elk Society visit them online at:

To learn more about the Hunts for Heroes program or to get involved visit:


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