Top Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Home Electronics

Top Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Home Electronics

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We could all use a little bit of the 1989 lifestyle now and then—especially when it comes to home electronics. For sustainable living that will make you feel good, think about how you can (at least metaphorically and temporarily) cut the cord. Try unplugging electronics and going screen-free with your family. You may be surprised at what you all get out of it! Check out the many ways you can go green with your home electronics, including using rechargeable batteries and recycling electronics responsibly.


The digital age …who can really remember life before the internet anyway, right? But maybe it’s worth a shot now and then. Try going screen-free for a day: turn off the TVs, computers, phones and other electronics, go for a walk or bike ride—and while you’re out, unplug all your electronics and appliances.

Wait! Don’t throw your batteries and electronics in the trash … make sure you recycle them properly or choose rechargeable batteries instead. Speaking of going digital, dump the paper. Junk mail? No. E-billing? Yes!

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