What are the Applications of the Electronics | Electronic Devices and Circuits

What are the Applications of the Electronics | Electronic Devices and Circuits

What are the Applications of the Electronics?

Electronics has made tremendous advancement during last few decades and our day to day life involves the use of electronic devices. Electronics has played a major role in every sphere of our life; this can be proved with the following application of electronics:

Entertainment and Communication:
Availability of economical and fast means of communication covers the way for progress of a country. Few decades ago, the main application of electronics was in the field of telephony and telegraphy. Now, with the aid of radio waves we can transmit any message from one place to another, without the use of wires. Radio and TV broadcasting offers a means of both entertainment as well as communication. Today, Electronics gadgets are widely used for entertainment.

Defence Applications
Defence applications are completely controlled by electronic circuits. RADAR that is Radio Detection and Ranging is the most important development in electronics field. With the help of radar it is possible to detect and find the exact location of enemy aircraft. Radar and anti-craft guns can be linked by an automatic control system to make a complete unit.

Industrial Application
Electronics circuits are widely being used in industrial applications such as control of thickness, quality, weight and moisture content of a material. Electronic amplifier circuits are used to amplify signals and thus control the operations of automatic door openers, power systems and safety devices. Electronically controlled systems are used for heating and welding in the industry. The most important industrial application is that the power stations which generate thousands of megawatts of electricity are controlled by tiny electronic devices and circuits.

Medical Services
Electronics systems are being used by Doctors and scientists in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. X-rays, ECG, Short eave diathermy units and oscillographs are some instruments which have been used so far in medical science. The use of electronics in medical science has grown so extremely and is useful in saving the life of mankind from a lot of sufferings.

Instrumentation – Application of Electronics
Electronics instruments such as cathode-ray oscilloscopes, frequency counters, signal generators, strain gauges are of great help in for precise measurement of various quantities. Without these electronic instruments no research laboratory is complete.

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